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 50 Hawkshead, Stanhope street
 NW1 3RJ
The Beckster Lifestyle is all about living life to the full and doing so on your terms. It’s about being at cause on the world and not merely a slave to its effects. It’s about becoming your best and most attractive self and learning how to display your new qualities to the men or women you truly desire. To this end, Beckster teaches something he calls ‘Naturally Seductive Game’, which is a method that seamlessly combines the beliefs and mindset of the natural seducer with the learned techniques of the so called ‘pick-up artist’. It’s a well proven system that Beckster has developed and perfected over his own journey from pick up artist to dating coach, and one which he has taught successfully on countless occasions to clients from many different backgrounds and starting points. To help him out in all this, Beckster has also selected an elite group specialist trainers who display extraordinary gifts within the areas of confidence, social skills, attraction, style, dance, dating and seduction. More specifically, he has found himself a group of people with a passion for the fulfilment of potential; be it in themselves or in those who entrust in him for guidance.

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