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Nov 20, 2018 Apply Now

My name is Phil, and I have been working for for the last two years.

However, I have not always been a creative writer. Before I became a member of team, I graduated from the University of Chicago and worked as a recruiter for 6 years. I changed a few places of work and, to be honest, I have never regretted my profession choice. Being a recruiter means to learn about human nature, behavior, and understand the intentions of people. For me, it was enough to take a rapid glance at a candidate’s resume to understand whether a company needed to hire that person or not.

When offered me to become one of their resume professional writers, I decided that my experience and knowledge may help many people to get a job they have always wanted. Besides, I could finally warn people about common mistakes that many candidates make when they write their CVs. So, I accepted that job offer, and here is what I want to say about

All my colleagues are either HR managers or recruiters. We have many things in common, and thus, our team is strong and united. That is the main reason, I suppose, why creates the best resumes that you can find online. To help our customers get a job they want, we follow the following guide:
Learn your requirements and ask questions to clarify any necessary information to write a coherent resume
Gather information about the companies you are going to send your resume
Generate a creative and persuasive resume
Rewrite it since the first draft always need to be redone
Check it for grammar, spelling, and punctual errors
Send a resume to you

So, if you are still wondering what companies create professional resumes, the answer is obvious. Place an order on and leave this task to a team of experts, whose only mission is to do what they do best.