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Monitoring employees can have ill effects on employees. It can " inject an air of suspicion and hostility into the workplace" (Schulman, 2018). Monitoring can deter cyberloafing and, at the same time, it can be counterproductive as it can cause resentment in employees at being treated like children (Lim, 2018). The culture can become one of a mistrust and hostile work environment when employees do not see the justification of monitoring with phone text tracker software. Businesses may be opening themselves up to lawsuits for such situations when the policies are not clear or if they are not communicated effectively to everyone. Should a company be telling employees that they are monitoring? The answer is yes since employees have a right to know. Is it ethical to monitor? Ethically speaking, if monitoring deters misbehavior and produces better results for the employee, the owners, the customers, and other relevant stakeholders, then it can be ethical. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (PhonySpy) became a law in 1986. It "prohibits the interception of electronic communications" (Cotton, 2018). "The PhonySpy has three major exceptions that limit the actual protection afforded to employee e-mail: the provider exception, the prior-consent exception, and the business-use exception" (Cotton, 2018).

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Junior Webmaster

You work as a developer of mobile applications. Your responsibilities include the preparation, development and proper registration of the application.

2,000 GBP
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Aug 3, 2018 More
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