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Oral History Society
Date Posted:
Jun 16, 2014 Apply Now

The Oral History Society invites proposals for an individual to develop and administer the OHS website.  
1. The Brief 
The Oral History Society is seeking to appoint a new web administrator to expand and manage the website. This vacancy has arisen as our current administrator is stepping down from this role after many years with the OHS. 
Since the OHS first launched an online presence, it has relied on a web administrator with a broad range of web skills to hard-code the pages. Over the last four years, page coding in PHP has enabled the developer to introduce dynamically-driven pages, which are edited by OHS committee members. 
The OHS website has a strategic role in announcing the existence of the society, our aims and objectives, our services and activities. It is a repository, or one-stop shop, providing useful information about OHS resources. Information on the site, particularly our ethics pages, are acknowledged as best practice advice.  
The website is the main business tool for the OHS in attracting members and for booking training courses, conferences and seminars. Members can access Oral History on line and anyone can order hard copy back issues of the journal via the website. 
In the near future we wish to develop the website as a social networking conduit and to enable closer communication between members of the OHS Regional Network. The OHS is currently in the process of focusing more on campaigning and the website will be the main platform for this.
The website administrator will report to the OHS Committee. On a day to day basis they will liaise and report to the OHS Website Coordinator. 
2. Requirements of the position 
We require the following of the successful applicant. We also invite you to outline your ideas and vision for the web administrator role.
Have demonstrable experience of website development
Give strategic advice to the Society about the makeup and direction of the website
Have competency and skills in training and communicating to others how to add and edit pages themselves
Have experience of, or ability to, work with diverse charitable bodies, including major national organisations
To act in a confidential manner in the administration of the Societys and individuals personal data 
3. Key Responsibilities 
Create a Joomla template specifically for the OHS. This can be either sourced or created by the web administrator
Contribute to design of website
Transfer existing site pages and sections to a Joomla Template
Add new pages and update existing ones as appropriate
Respond to committee members update needs on day to day basis
Review membership registration arrangements
Respond to day to day requests for updates and new content pages
Manage Mailchimp postings as required
Renew domain names
Liaise with Website Coordinator and OHS Treasurer on payments from the website budget 
4. To Apply
Please submit a clear and comprehensive proposal of no more than four pages, demonstrating a good understanding of how you will undertake this role. Including: 
Previous experience of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery
Demonstrated/evidenced ability of HTML, CSS and PHP coding in particular
An understanding of CMS and cPanel
Expertise in web design, databases and particularly the CMS Joomla
How a revised OHS website will be incorporated into the Joomla CMS and how this site will better serve a number of editors and administrators of the web pages in the future
How training of OHS administrators will be undertaken
Your availability
Your estimated costs. Please provide a breakdown of Joomla one-off costs and ongoing maintenance
Details of up to four organisations that you have had substantial responsibility for in developing their websites, and who are prepared to be contacted 
5. Submission details 
Send an electronic copy of your proposal to: 
Dr Michelle Winslow:  and cc Dr Rob Perks: 
Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview in London by a panel of OHS Officers. 
Applications close: Friday 11 July. 
Interviews will take place on Monday 28 July. 
If you have any queries please contact Michelle Winslow.