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To start with, we at are looking for a nursing writer with a medical background and academic writing experience.

Many jobs for academic writing are often advertised online and a person wishing to pursue such an avenue can always apply. The person, however, needs to understand a few things about online academic writing jobs in order for them to succeed in securing a position.

First of all the person should identify the areas in which he or she is good at and wants to be writing articles on. The person should be not only being confident that they are able to write but they should also be comfortable when writing. The person should have the skills to express themselves through writing. If a person does not have the writing qualifications one could consider taking a course in English, Journalism or any course that might present the person with the needed skills.

The person should then decide whether they want to provide the services or free or they will charge. If they decide to charge the person should determine how much they will be charging for the services that he or she will be rendering. The person should consider the methods of payments that he or she would be comfortable working with. This will provide a guideline on the positions that the person will look into when job hunting.

One should also determine whether they want to write on a part-time basis or a full-time basis. The logic behind this is that a full-time income will require a lot of hard work on the part of the writer so as to make a name for him or herself and create a niche. In an attempt to create a niche or even attract clients a writer should be able to write a query letter explaining the concept of what the person is proposing to write.

Some online writing companies and clients require that someone desiring to write should submit at least a sample of the articles that they have written just to verify that the person can write. Others would give a sample test to verify whether the person can actually write. The person looking for online academic writing jobs should be ready to do all these tests and provide samples to their potential client and employers.

Finally, the person should have access to a reliable internet connection so as to ensure that effective communication is in place.