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Social Media Manager

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Greater Manchester
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Date Posted:
May 20, 2018 Apply Now

Essential functions: Social Media Manager

Day-to-day management of our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and maybe a bit later on Snapchat and Youtube)
Experience with Twitter/IG/FB account growth strategies(growth hacking)
Experience with post schedules/automation software
A/B testing
Experience with copywriting of posts/post design(nothing too expert-ish, just basic skills in Photoshop/GIMP and the ability to post tweets daily without a copywriter being needed to assist)
Search Engine Optimization strategies(being able to perform keyword research, optimize our site for the given keywords)
Content Outreach
Link Building
Experience with blog posts SEO and promotion
A creative/proactive person who is a self-starter and can initiate and finish projects by themselves without direct supervision.

When applying, please submit your resume.
Look forward to working with you! Have a great day!

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