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Money Slots Company
Date Posted:
Aug 9, 2017 Apply Now

We need a Marketing Manager to build and execute on high-speed continuous campaigns - many smaller activities driving a single effect - to tell the right stories to the right audiences across our whole platform. This role is responsible for the design, build and execution of marketing campaigns and the measurement of their effect. You’ll work in a growth marketing team with other program, content and analytical experts and you can also play gladiator slots.

What You’ll Do

Design, build and execute marketing campaigns at high velocity, measuring effect and delivering optimization.
Take product messaging, sales scenarios and customer context and synthesize into creative and compelling stories for scale marketing. 
Analyze our audience signals, lead database and customers to find opportunities for the right campaign at the right time for best effect.
Be a great colleague across the marketing team, helping to deliver all our key messages and programs at scale.