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InnerShed Ltd
Date Posted:
Aug 14, 2013 Apply Now

Experienced Python/Django back-end developer who is comfortable with working on a larger code base involving tasks such as adding new features, resolving issues, refactoring large chunks of the code base, making changes to the database schema, developing performance optimisations and updating the look and feel of the application. Background in front-end development, refactoring and test-driven development are bonuses.
Programming Languages:
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • HTML5/CSS3



  • Django
  • JQuery


Experience in Testing:
  • Unit Testing with Django
  • Experience with automated Front-end/UI Testing frameworks (for example: Django WebClient or Selenium)


General Technical Requirements:
  • Back-end development is more important for this role
  • Fluent in Python and extensive knowledge of the Django Framework
  • Relational database design, databases in general, ORM and SQL
  • Communication and Administration Skills
  • Collaboration
  • Awesome time management
  • Out of the box creative thinking
  • Clarity in communication
  • Good writing skills (primarily technical and code base documentation)


We only want really dedicated and enthusiastic candidates - we don't even require formal qualifications. You just have to show us how awesome you are at development. Of course, you must be hardworking, reliable and fun to work with! A great salary is on offer (based on experience and skill) as well as a comprehensive perks package!
Send your CV to our HR team via our contact page. Don't bother calling us regarding this job posting - we want all applications by email!
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