Full Time Front-End Web Developer Required

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Full Time Front-End Web Developer Required

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17,000 GBP
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Date Posted:
Dec 3, 2015 Apply Now

We a creative agency, expert on web development and web design, and we are in search of a creative and enthusiast Front-End Developer, who is interested and involved in the art of Web Design and design in general, motivated to combine the visual arts with the art of Coding.

We’re searching for creative people who wants to constantly learn, improve and grow professionally, working with a complete and extremely friendly team of geeks and artists with the same attitude and mindset.

The responsibilities will include working with a full stack web design and development team, thinking with the team, providing new ideas and collaborating to the team’s brainstorming sessions in order to find, create and invent new and revolutionary features for our realisations and products.

Required Skills:
● Perfect knowledge of HTML 5
● Perfect knowledge of CSS 3 (no need for LESS and SASS)
● Perfect knowledge of jQuery
● Ability to write clean, understandable and clear code
● Ability to write reusable code
● Basic understanding of asynchronous calls using Ajax
● Understanding and application of cross-browser development
● Understanding and application of responsive development
● Knowledge of Bootstrap and/or Materialize
● Able to ensure a fast page loading using the best practices
● Enthusiast and passionate attitude highly required
● Creative about design (no design practical skills required)
● Knowledge of the latest web design trends: Material, Flat and Minimalistic Design ● Attention to details highly required
● Ability to think outside of the rules
● Strong will to learn whatever is missing on this list!
Optional helpful skills:
● Fluent usage of GIT
● Understanding and application of SEO
● Able to ensure a fast page loading

You will not need to design or sketch the web pages, our team includes artists and designers who will provide the design to code, but we’re keen to see new design concepts, if you’re able to provide them.

About Us

We’re an expert creative Company based in Croydon (London). We work for important corporations and private clients around the world, with a strong working process and expertise. Our team is composed by friendly front-end developers, back-end developers, designers, artists and hackers. We like to keep the atmosphere as friendly and free as possible in order to work better and together. We really want someone capable to think as we think and actively collaborate to our creative process. We don’t ask for a terribly big skillset, we ask for a curious and enthusiast mindset which will allow to grow your expertise by the time with no particular effort. No portfolio is required, but it helps. Also, no education requirements at all.

What we offer:
● Very friendly, fresh, free and flexible atmosphere
● A big amount of different projects to keep your mind creative
● An iMac with 2-3 screens (no Microsoft Windows in here!)
● The opportunity to work with a cool (!) full-stack web development team
● Any help for relocation
● No dress code (don’t come naked)
● Pub on Friday night!
● Unlimited eye-rest / cigarette breaks
● A lot of food sharing
● Obviously, tons of coffee