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Web Developer - long term postition

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3,000 GBP
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Jun 13, 2014 Apply Now

Thanks for looking,

We are an online retailer of adult products - sex toys etc - who need to improve our sales platform. 

Currently we are working from http://www.chichihers.co.uk/ which is missing so many features that we are looking to add. 

We seek an individual with e-commerce experience for one of the following:

a) To quote and develop a our new site, working with us on the design.  




b) To become a part of the company - taking shares in exchange for the initial work of developing a decent e-commerce platform and then working on SEO and site maintainence.  


Ideally we are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who can see the benefit of taking shares in the company rather than a one-off payment for work.

Of course there is so much more that you would need to learn about our company and how we plan to make the business successful.  For this we would love to meet in person and negociate how to move forward.

In a nutshell the company is made up of two directors.  One is an expert in stock control/sourcing/product management with years of retail experience.  The other is responsible for customer and UK business relations, as well as logistics.   

We have great ideas, a proven track record of sales and a brand which (with the right site) will stand apart from the competition.  Sex toys are a huge market in the UK!


If you are interested please contact Neil on: customer@chichihers.co.uk

It would be great to email a bit about yourself and some projects that you have worked on.