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HTML/CSS Developer

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16,000 GBP
Date Posted:
Oct 10, 2017 Apply Now

Online casino book of ra a dynamically developing media project operating in the markets of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the US:

Another developer in our team will accelerate the development of new functionality. Also in its tasks will include the maintenance and development of the product: the writing of a new functional and the operational correction of shortcomings and errors. It will help us improve the quality of the code, cover it with tests, and also automate some development processes.
Primary requirements:

  • Strong knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3 + CSSNext / EcmaScript 2017;
  • Experience with React, Redux;
  • Semantic, valid, cross-browser layout;
  • Adaptive rubber layout without the use of frameworks;
  • Confident work with the Git version control system;
  • Understanding the principles of BEM, progressive enhancement, graceful degradation;
  • Focus on the result, a sense of responsibility and the ability to work in a team.

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with Webpack, c Service Workers, WebSocket, IndexedDb;
  • Knowledge of the Jest framework and the experience of writing unit-tests and functional tests.


  • Support and product development: writing of new functionality and prompt correction of shortcomings and errors;
  • Code coverage by tests;
  • Improved code quality, refactoring;
  • Optimization of code in terms of speed.