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Basically what I wanted was to create multiple websites, like 30 websites with different domains, color schemes and logos, I am in the processes of creating the data, I provide you with the data, images, banners, logos and for the source code keywords, tittles and description, basically you design the sites are and insert the data plus create a booking form, since we are in the hospitality or travel industry we are looking for a developer who can develop a static website that is sleek and crisp, a website that lays emphasis on large images and flowing data, we do not want a php/cms dynamic website as we feel this sites have issues being crowed by search engines and not to worry, we know how to add or change data From static sites, Our budget is as follows 02 to 5 pages usd 75 05 to 10 pages usd 120 10 to 15 pages usd 150 15 to 20 pages usd 200 20 to 25 pages usd 250 25 to 35 pages usd 300 35 to 45 pages usd 350 45 to 60 pages usd 400 This budget has been based on the fact that we are developing many websites and the fact that Kenya is a third world country struggling with low tourism because of terror treat from Al-Shabaab, but the good side to this is that should we agree, you will penetrate the East African Market with me as a referral, you should also be able to state how fast the sites you create we be on fast page on all search engines, the reason why we are creating many sites is to take advantage of the domains as keywords, e.g., hope you understand We also would like to engage you on online marketing for some of our websites, please advise how much you charge, we would like to work with a fixed charge per website, on all the jobs we pay 50% and balance once the website is complete and appearing on search engines The urls are as follows Best Regards Edwin Muriithi Book and Travel +254724348088 Skype

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